Stories are a wonderful way to stimulate further learning, try these ideas below for some fun and simple activities.

Let’s talk!

When reading to your child choose from the following talking points. These aim to help children understand the story and also to develop their language and vocabulary.

It is best not to do them all every time; just pick 1 or 2 each time you read the story, and choose based on your child’s age and ability. There are no wrong answers here it is all about conversation.

  • Encourage them to join in with the repeated phrase ‘oh how I wish I could fly!’
  • What caught the magpie’s eye? Why?
  • What does transparent mean? Can they think of something else which is transparent?
  • What does camouflaged mean? Why is it good for bugs and other creatures to be camouflaged?
  • Why was the bee collecting nectar?
  • How many spots does the ladybird have? Can they count them. How many legs does the lady bird have? Can they count them?
  • What does contemplate mean? What do they like to think about when they are in bed?
  • Do they have a special wish or a dream just like the caterpillar?

Butterfly Collage

Cut out a butterfly shape using cardboard and poke holes through. Go for a walk together in nature, taking your butterfly with you. Collect flowers, twigs, petals and leaves, threading what you found through the holes to create a butterfly collage. Encourage your children to thread for themselves; this is a great activity for building strength in little fingers!

Butterflies are always symmetrical, talk about symmetry by trying to match what you put on both wings, keeping them the same on both sides. It’s been a very warm summer here in the U.K. and we noticed that there lots of dry leaves around. What do you notice on your walk? Depending on the season and the weather, there will be lots to talk about; maybe the leaves are changing colours, or maybe there is frost on the ground? Don’t forget to look out for characters from the book while you are out.

More activities coming weekly…check back soon!

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